> Istanbul, Turkey

Outer Gate Topkapl Palace
Fountain of Ahmet III
Hagia Eirene
Topkapi Palace Treasure Alleyway
Harem view
Harem view 2
Mosaic inside Topkapi Palace
Mosaic 2
Wendy & Michael outside of Harem
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque 2
Blue Mosque Interior
Haghia Sofia
Haghia Sofia 2
Michael in front of Haghia Sofia
Blue Mosque 3
Haghia Sofia interior
Haghia Sofia mosaic
Ablutions Fountain
Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar 2
Outer Gate Dolmahce Palace
Fountain & Gate Dolmabahce Palace
Statue at Dolmabahce Palace
Outer Gate Dolmahce Palace 2
Wendy with gate guard
Guards at Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace 2
Bosphorus view
Blue Mosque 4
Spice Bazaar & Mosque
Istanbul coastline view
Sunset view
Mosque at Sunset
Blue Mosque 5
Fountain inside Mosque
Mosaic inside Mosque
Theodosian Walls
Candy vendor
Golden Horn view
City view
Mosque view
Turkish Flag